Jungkook may be good at everything he does. Singing, dancing, painting, games, sports, and so on you can continue the list. But chemistry?

“So this is your weakness,” Seokjin sits himself beside the maknae, peeking on the chemistry homework that Jungkook tried to do this past hours. There’s nothing written on it other than abstract scratch or nonsense numbers, alphabets—wait is that formulas? Seokjin isn’t a chemistry major but he knows there are no formulas looking like… that.

“One of my weaknesses thank you so much,” Jungkook looks salty as he’s trying to look like making some progress by flipping a very thick book of chemistry randomly. He barely read them since he just knows that it will be useless; you can’t understand chemistry in one day if you never attend the class. But he really want to pass this subject to graduate as fast and prove those who underestimate him by saying he’s a brainless idol.

Now he mention it, Seokjin knows Jungkook has so many weaknesses despite all of his strengths. But to have so many things that he’s good at making people kind of surprised when he’s not actually good at something. Seokjin sighs, reaching for the chemistry book after he read the questions of Jungkook’s homework. It’s not that difficult, he thinks. But then he didn’t spend his high school days on national television until he has no time to go to school like Jungkook. Plus, his family has always been there to remind him how important education is since he was a kid. He knows it’s not that education isn’t important for Jungkook but the golden maknae has a priority list and school isn’t in the top three on the list.

“Let Hyung teach you this time,” Seokjin takes a paper and begin to write the most basic formula. Jungkook who looks desperate and doesn’t give a damn about Seokjin existence at first, now looking his oldest hyung like he’s the only hope of his life.

“Really?” He knows that Seokjin isn’t a big fan of science eventho the older guy isn’t bad at it. Namjoon is usually the one who help him with math and science but their leader is no where to be seen right now. On the other side, despite how smart Namjoon is, he’s not quite good at teaching.

“Yeah, I’m bored and it’s interesting to see you this desperate,” Seokjin laughs a little at Jungkook’s snort. “Here, take a look of this formula. This is the beginning of everything.”

Jungkook is giving all of his attention to Seokjin’s explanation. He kinds of get what the oldest tries to explain—Seokjin is always a good teacher, better than everyone in the group. But getting what Seokjin said doesn’t always mean he understand it completely. Sometimes Jungkook is a fast learner but at some other times…

“So, Hyung, tell me again why it has to be in this order? Why can’t we reverse it?”

Seokjin sighs with a tired face, trying to give an answer to Jungkook’s stupid question for the tenth times this afternoon. Not that he count. It might be more than ten. “Because we can’t reverse all the things that we want to reverse. It’s like you can’t reverse the time, can’t you get it?” He massages his forehead, headache is now coming after him. “I’m not a real teacher don’t ask me too many questions that sound like philosophy. And we’re learning chemistry by the way.”

“Okay,” Seokjin is a bit relieved with that. “But Hyung—“

The hyung starts to regret his kind hearted ass to teach Jungkook in his spare time. It seems like a good idea at first since Jungkook usually fast to understand his explanation in other studies. He really should’ve sleep instead. “Kook-ah,” he cuts Jungkook’s question before the younger one finish it. “Hyung‘s gonna be honest with you.”

Jungkook blinks his eyes innocently. “Yes, Hyung?”

Seokjin pats Jungkook’s shoulder twice, with an annoying face starts to say what he’s holding up these past minutes. “There’s nothing we can do about this. Hyung loves you, but you’re going to fail this subject.”

A few seconds past in silence. Jungkook snorts, silently admitting what Seokjin said.

“Look, Kook-ah,” Seokjin feels a bit guilty about this. “There are things that doesn’t belong to you. You can’t be good at everything and when you fail at something, it doesn’t mean you’re bad or stupid. It just doesn’t belong to you,” he smiles gently to encourage the golden maknae. “After all, there are things that need some time to learn. You can’t always be good at something in hours. In this case, that something is chemistry.”

Jungkook nods at the words. Seokjin is always right when he’s in the normal state. “Okay, if you say so,” he closes all of his books and starts to tidy up. “I’ll just ask Namjoon-hyung to finish my homework—he always do that whenever he gives up to teach me.”

Seokjin mutters sorry with a grin. “So, how about we play the new game I just bought yesterday?”

“Games,” Jungkook doesn’t know how much he needs it right now after hours of stupid chemistry. “Great. I’m a fast learner at this.”

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